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Thousands of migrants, largely from Haiti, have been camped out under a bridge in a Texas border town. Border officers in the United States are allowing certain people into the country on the condition that they appear in front of an immigration agency within 60 days. Others are being sent back to Haiti or crossing the border into Mexico. Read on to learn about what’s happening to Haitian migrants in the US.

What You Need to Know About Haitian Migrants

Even as expulsion flights increase, many Haitian migrants remain in the United States. It is estimated that currently, there are between 5,000 and 6,000 migrants in the improvised camp, but the media is not permitted to confirm this. Hundreds of migrants have been let into the United States and are being bused to other Texas communities, many of whom will be staying with relatives.

In the last few days, the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition has assisted over 1,000 refugees in boarding buses heading north. Who will be allowed to stay? The US Department of Homeland Security isn’t saying how it makes that decision, but it appears that families with children are the ones who are being permitted into the country.

Mexican immigration officials in Ciudad Acua have also begun taking people from their side of the border, raiding hotels and parks before morning. Authorities are transporting migrants from the city to southern Mexico, as far as Guatemala.

Haiti is dealing with political unrest and a natural disaster. However, it has been noted that a significant number of migrants that have gathered at the border were not in Haiti at the time of the events, making it all the more surprising that so many people suddenly appeared in the same place.

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