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Our Practice Areas

Our experience fighting on the front lines, battling in the trenches, against ICE has made the difference for our clients. Everyone deserves to have their chance in court and in life. One’s past does not define their future and we specialize in unlocking doors and helping our clients find a way to be American.

Removal Defense & Immigration Court

You may find yourself wondering why you are in removal proceedings but there are usually many options for relief. The United States government will often issue what is called a Notice to Appear and send you a court date you entered the United States illegally, or your visa expired, or if you have a criminal conviction or even an arrest. We specialize in defending your rights are applying for applications that can allow you to remain in this country and get a green card. Such options include a claim of asylum, an application for cancellation of removal, a waiver or adjustment. While in Immigration Court, all clients are eligible to apply for a work permit. Once the work permit is received, you can apply for a social security card.

Bond Hearings & Seeking Parole from ICE

Our firm is well known for getting our clients released from detention. We work with families to persuade the Immigration Judge or ICE that our client deserves for his or her case to be heard outside of jail

Family Immigration

We are here to help you bring your family together. Our attorneys will work with you to petition your loved ones to become legal permanent residents. If you have a spouse who is a United States citizen, a child that is 21 years of age or older that is a citizen, or a sibling that is a citizen, we can help.

Residency/green cards for victims of crimes

If you are the victim of a serious crime, like a robbery or assault, or suffered physical or mental abuse, and you cooperate with law enforcement, you may be eligible for a U visa. The abuser does not need to be a citizen or lawful permanent resident and you don’t have to be married in order to qualify.

Appeals & Motions to Reopen

If you missed a court hearing, whether you didn’t receive notice or simply failed to show up due to illness, we can ask the Court to take away your removal order and start the case again.Also, if circumstances have changed, we can ask that the case be reopened or if perhaps certain evidence was not available while you were in immigration court. Sometimes when a client does not prevail in immigration court, he or she still has the option to appeal the Judge’s decision. We handle all types of appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals, whether it’s a court case or an appeal to a United States Citizenship & Immigration Services application.

After the Board issues a decision, we either get the case terminated, go back to Immigration Court or to the United States Citizenship & Immigrations field office. However, even if we don’t win at first, there is another option to appeal to a higher court with a circuit appeal.With all these types of appeals, a stay of removal is in place so that our clients will remain in this country as their cases are pending.All appeals have time sensitive deadlines, which are typically within 30 days of the prior order.

Citizenship and Naturalization

If you have had your green card between 3 to 5 years or longer, you may be eligible for apply to become a citizen. Even if you have crimes, they do not necessarily bar you from naturalizing.

Consular Processing & Waivers

When family members live out of the United States or have entered the United States illegally, there is a process known as consular processing that allows them to adjust in their home country and then legally enter the United States with a green card. Families that have a United States citizen child that is 21 years or older and serving in the military, do not have to leave the country and can get their green card here in the United States.

Background Check

It’s important for your safety and for the success of your application, that we make sure we have your file or record from immigration. When we have accurate information, we can better advise you as to what steps to take. If you have ever been arrested, detained or deported, you may not recall what happened or what has been previulsy submitted to immigration. We can review your records and help navigate your way to legalization.

We routinely order FOIA’s (Freedom of Infromation Act) with:

· Freedom of information Act with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

· Freedom of Information Act with United States Customs and Border Protection

· Freedom of Information Act with United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement

· Freedom of Information Act with Office of Biometric Identity Management

· Freedom of Information Act with United States Executive Office for Immigration Review

· Freedom of Information Act with United States Department of State

· Freedom of Information Act with United States Department of Labor

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To Keep families together and create opportunities to live the American dream.

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