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On The U.S. Supreme Court handed a small victory and new hope to thousands of immigrants currently facing deportation. The new ruling faulted the federal government for improperly notifying a long-term immigrant regarding his appearance in the court for a removal hearing. Read on to learn how this particular hearing may affect thousands of immigrants across the U.S.

The New Ruling & What It Means for Immigrants Facing Deportation

The Supreme Court ruling overturned the decision of a lower court that kept a long-term immigrant from Guatemala, Agusto Niz-Chavez, from requesting cancellation for the expulsion based on the number of years he had lived in the country.

The decision of the justices revolves around a technical issue. According to the new rulings, the immigration law requires the concerned authorities to include all relevant details for a notice to appear (NTA) in court in a single document instead of providing the same information through multiple notices or documents. An NTA will be considered deficient if relevant information, such as the date and time of a removal hearing, is not included in a single notice.

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Immigrants Facing Deportation

Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in the ruling that “In this case, the law’s terms ensure that, when the federal government seeks a procedural advantage against an individual, it will at least supply him with a single and reasonably comprehensive statement of the nature of the proceedings against him.” 

The ruling will surely affect thousands of immigration cases currently in process, providing immigrants with the perfect opportunity to prove that they qualify for the cancellation of removal. It is likely to bring down the number of people placed in the immigration proceedings, at least in the short term. For more information, dial (818)900-5707 to connect with an immigration deportation attorney.

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