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The US intends to reintroduce a contentious immigration policy that makes asylum claimants wait in Mexico for their immigration court hearings in the United States. However, the idea to reinstate the Remain in Mexico program requires the Mexican government’s consent and cooperation, which has created worries. Read more about the latest developments in this regard below.

A Battle for Immigration Policies  

Around 70,000 asylum applicants have been affected by President Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, which was previously known as the Migrant Protection Protocols and implemented in January 2019.

Trump, who promoted tough anti-immigration measures during his presidency, said that many asylum requests were false. However, soon after taking office, Biden halted the MPP program as part of a larger vow to adopt a more humanitarian approach to immigration. However, a federal court ruled that the program’s termination was unjustified, siding with two states who had sued the government.

However, the US District Judge left the door open for the administration to try again to end the program and pass legal scrutiny. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has stated that it will follow Kacsmaryk’s decision “in good faith” while appealing the case, implying that the policy will be reinstated.

At the same time, Biden has maintained “Title 42,” a public health policy enacted by Trump early in the pandemic that allows most asylum seekers arriving into the US to be quickly deported without the opportunity to request asylum.

Mexico’s Demands & Conditions

Mexico wants exclusions for especially vulnerable groups and improved coordination on when asylum seekers are returned to Mexico to restore the program. Mexico also requires that cases be completed within six months and that asylum applicants promptly receive accurate information about hearing dates and times. They should also have improved access to legal representation.

People who do not qualify for Title 42 expulsions will be subject to the new MPP policy. Learn more about Migrant Protection Protocols and Article 42 from an experienced immigration lawyer at (818)900-5707.

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