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An immigrant visa is required for a foreign national who wishes to live permanently in the United States. To be eligible for an immigrant visa, the immigrant must be sponsored by a close relative who is either a US citizen or a US LPR and is at least 21 years old.

Immigrant visas for family members are divided into the following two categories: Immediate Relative and Family Preference. In this post, we will discuss Immediate Relative Family-Based Immigrant Visa.

Immediate Relative Family-Based Immigrant Visa

These visas are granted to people who have a close familial link with a US citizen, such as a spouse, kid, or parent. The number of immigrants in these categories is not regulated every year.

If you are an immediate relative of a US citizen and meet certain qualifying standards, you can become a lawful permanent resident and obtain a Green Card based on your family link. If you are any of the following, you are an immediate relative:

  • A US citizen’s spouse 
  • A US citizen’s unmarried kid under the age of 21 
  • A parent of a citizen of the United States who’s 21 years or older  

Widow or widower of a US citizen can also apply for a Green Card. Before you apply, make sure you learn about Permanent Residence and Adjust Status.

A family-based immigration attorney can help you attain an Immediate Relative Family-Based Immigrant Visa. Dial (818)900-5707 to explore your options.


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