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Syrian Kurds play a significant role in the U.S. fight against ISIS. Lawmakers have reintroduced the Bipartisan Bill as part of the Syrian Partnership Protection Act to provide protection to Syrian Kurds. Read on to learn more.

The Syrian Partnership Protection Act

The Act would extend the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) to Syrian Kurds and who supported the U.S. forces in counter missions against ISIS.

The program will work in a way similar to the Afghan and Iraqi Special Visa Program (SIV) enacted during the Bush Administration for Afghani and Iraqi citizens whose lives were threatened in their country due to their collaboration and work with U.S Armed Forces as soldiers, translators, advisors, or translators.

Talking about the Act and the Bipartisan Bill, Reps. Jason Crow said, “As a combat veteran who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, I know firsthand that our alliances are built on trust. We must protect the friends who protected us.”

Kurdish Allies

Rep. Mike Waltz mirrors the same thoughts stating, “Our Kurdish allies have put their lives on the line and risked retaliation to help advance U.S. interests and fight our enemies. They deserve our gratitude for their assistance. The U.S. Congress should acknowledge those who have fought alongside us on the battlefield.”    

Jason Crow is also leading a Bipartisan effort, calling on the president to expedite SIV and the U.S. Refugee Admission Program for Afghan citizens, following the announcement of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by September 2021.

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